Why the Name OD BD

You must have noticed that your treating Doctor often writes OD (Once a day) or BD (Twice a day) along the prescribed medicine. Hence, the innovative and apt brand name ‘OD BD’ for your preferred pharmacy chain.

What is Dose Dispensing

Seldom noticed or practiced in the Indian retail pharmacy business is the fact that proper dispensing is the most important element which a standard pharmacy should perform.

Non compliance of the prescription is quite common including wrong, inadequate or over medication, generally by the elderly and partially educated citizens. This leads to delayed, inadequate response or even complications despite a good prescription by your doctor.

OD BD has specialized in ‘Dose Dispensing’ technique wherein separate pouches are delivered to the patient with detailed labelling so that ‘You take exactly what your doctor prescribed’.

Our Home Delivery Service

When sick, you or your family member travelling to fetch medicines is also a painful experience. Hence, timely home delivery of your requirement of medicines is another aspect why you should choose OD BD as your preferred pharmacy.

By Dose dispensing
You are sure what you are taking

How OD BD Works

Accurate medication. Higher savings.

OD BD 4-fold assurance for medicine delivery : convenience, cost-effectiveness, accuracy and promptness.

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